Special Interest Group (SIG) Program
(Guiding Principles and Information)

SGV-CAMFT Special Interest Group Program and Submission Form

Guiding Principles and Information

SGV-CAMFT Statement of Purpose

The purposes of the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists shall be:

    To advance marriage and family therapy as an art, a science
and a mental health profession.

    Assist the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist in furthering
its objectives on a local level.

    To provide an educationally, emotionally, and professionally supportive atmosphere for its members to grow individually and as a group. 

This document is a living document and meant to provide structure to the SGV-CAMFT Special Interest Group (SIG) Program. It will be reviewed, updated and communicated as the SIG program evolves.

  • Activities and events of the SIGs and its members will align with the mission and vision of SGV-CAMFT
  • Group members will make every attempt to preserve the 501 (c)3 status of the SGV-CAMFT chapter.
  • Facilitators will actively participate in quarterly meetings or send a proxy to ensure communication and relationship.
  • Practice communicating with integrity and alert the board of directors of issues, concerns and challenges that require attention.
  • Work in the spirit of collaboration, healthy relationships, and professionalism.
Chapter role:
  • Help with communication and promotion of groups and programs
  • Support with resources TBD
  • Use of zoom platform for larger groups and workshops
Sponsoring CE offerings:
  • Facilitator or co-facilitator role:
  • Facilitating regular meetings and programming
  • Communicate with the SGV-CAMFT Board through quarterly Facilitator check-ins
  • Plan out annual schedule of meetings and events
  • Make decisions on type of group and help develop agreements within the group to promote safety and professionalism
San Gabriel Valley CAMFT
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