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Holmquist and Holmquist
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  • M.A.
  • M.S.
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  • Intern - Marriage & Family Therapist
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Allen Holmquist
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I have a special interest in working with trauma, anxiety, depression, and life transitions. I have found that when addressing these concerns, it is often important also to address underlying and associated areas such as self-esteem, anger, and self-
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I believe that every person has the potential within themselves to make the changes they need to live their most authentic and best life. My intention is to create a safe space for clients to explore, heal, and tell their story. I utilize a humanistic and person-centered approach to therapy, which means that together we will tailor the therapeutic experience to fit your individual needs in whatever way works best for you. You are worthy of healing. You deserve time and space to share your experiences and explore feelings and thoughts in a nurturing, nonjudgmental place. Your feelings are valid.


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  • Anxiety & Phobias
  • Couples Counseling
  • Life Cycle Transition
  • Women's Issues
  • Work/Career Issues

Therapy Groups Offered

  • Women's Group
San Gabriel Valley CAMFT
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