Board of Directors

Natasha Morisawa Natasha Morisawa
Shana Pallotta Shana Pallotta
Melissa Cahill Melissa Cahill
Rudy Hayek Rudy Hayek
Program Chair
Michael Bauer Michael Bauer
Membership Co-Chair
Janel Scholtz Janel Scholtz
Membership Co-Chair
Susan Lowe Susan Lowe
3000 Club Chair
Kathryn Bikle Kathryn Bikle
Michael Mann Michael Mann
Communications Chair
Colette Whitaker Colette Whitaker
Member at Large
Marc Weiss Marc Weiss
Member at Large
Greg Wright Greg Wright
Member at Large

Standing Committees

Program Committee

Rudy Hayek, Chair
Anne Wullschlager
Vanessa Fierstadt
Colette Whitaker

Communications & Public Relations Committee

Michael Mann, Chair
Katie Telser

3000 Club (Pre-Licensed Committee)

Susan Lowe, Chair

Membership Committee

Michael Bauer, Co-Chair
Janel Scholtz, Co-Chair

Legislative & Ethics Committee

Rachel Ward, Chair

Nominations & Elections Committee

Convenes as needed to manage the process of encouraging nominations for board seats and conducting elections.
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