Board of Directors

Natasha Morisawa Natasha Morisawa
Shana Pallotta Shana Pallotta
Melissa Cahill Melissa Cahill
Rudy Hayek Rudy Hayek
Program Chair
Colette Whitaker Colette Whitaker
Program Co-Chair
Marc Weiss Marc Weiss
Communications Chair
Steven Unruh Steven Unruh
Membership Chair
Susan Lowe Susan Lowe
3000 Club Co-Chair
Kathryn Bikle Kathryn Bikle
3000 Club Co-Chair
Vanessa Fierstadt Vanessa Fierstadt
Director at Large
Beth Gramling Beth Gramling
Director at Large
Michael Mann Michael Mann
Director at Large
Rachel Ward Rachel Ward
Director at Large
Anne-Wullschlager Anne-Wullschlager
Director at Large

Standing Committees

Program Committee

Rudy Hayek, Chair
Anne Wullschlager
Vanessa Fierstadt
Colette Whitaker

Communications & Public Relations Committee

Marc Weiss, Chair
Katie Telser

3000 Club (Pre-Licensed Committee)

Susan Lowe, Co-Chair
Kathryn Bikle, Co-Chair

Membership Committee

Steven Unruh, Chair
Vanessa Fierstadt

Legislative & Ethics Committee

Rachel Ward, Chair

Nominations & Elections Committee

Convenes as needed to manage the process of encouraging nominations for board seats and conducting elections.
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