Mentor-Mentee Program

A program to unite licensed and pre-licensed or newly licensed members in order to assist with general questions and issues facing practicing therapists.

Program Description

The goal of this program is to offer a venue in which to find counsel on a voluntary basis. This is a self-administered program. Other than to offer buttons and check boxes on our website member profiles, and to provide instructions on how to register for the program, SGV-CAMFT will not monitor, oversee, or otherwise be involved in the individual relationships that may develop.

Mentors and Mentees who choose to participate in the program can indicate their willingness on their member profiles listed on our website.

Should a mentor cancel participation in the program, he or she hereby agrees to inform SGV-CAMFT of the decision. A member can do so by logging in to the Website, accessing their member record, and changing their preferences in the Mentor-Mentee section.

Those who have registered as mentees may contact a mentor of their choosing.

Role of a Mentor

A mentor is a licensed member who, on a voluntary basis, provides a participating mentee with:
  • Advice, consultation, reinforcement, and constructive feedback
  • The opportunity to share ideas and discuss relevant issues related to the profession

Conditions and Limitations of Mentorship

  1. Mentoring is not supervision
  2. Mentor is not responsible for the actions of the mentee
  3. Mentors must not be in any form of supervisorial relationship with the mentee
  4. Mentors should not give advice on legal or ethical concerns
  5. Mentors should not provide clinical/case consultation in lieu of supervision (The mentor should not be second-guessing a supervisor or giving direction that would be contrary to a supervisor), however
  6. Mentors should assist mentees in locating appropriate sources for such information when necessary.
It is intended that a mentor offer an unbiased ear to address concerns or share information to assist the mentee in charting their future course as a mental health professional. For example, the mentor may be instrumental in helping a mentee to determine an area of professional emphasis. The mentor may be helpful in identifying resources for the mentee to garner information. The mentor/mentee relationship may be time-limited, or not, as determined by the mentor and mentee.

Program Guidelines

  1. Both parties are to be members in good standing with SGV-CAMFT.
  2. Participation as either a mentor or mentee is voluntary. No compensation, monetary or otherwise, is permitted. No hours of experience or continuing education are granted for this relationship.
  3. Mentors agree to not interfere or intervene in any supervisorial relationship.
  4. The form of communication, the frequency of contact, and the length of the mentoring relationship is to be as agreed to by the mentor and mentee.

Role of a Mentee

A mentee is a pre-licensed or newly licensed member who seeks unbiased guidance from licensed members about professional concerns. It is not supervision.

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This is a self-administered program. The Chapter does not pair mentors with mentees.

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