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Wed, December 01, 2021 2:48 PM | Michael Mann (Administrator)

Message from the Prez: SGV-CAMFT November/December 2021 

From Kathryn Bikle, President

The Holiday Season is fast upon us replete with the aroma of pumpkin pie spice and pine boughs wherever you go!

What that means for SGVCAMFT is that Nominations for available Board Positions will be opening SOON! Nominations will be open for the two-week period from December 5 – 19th. Voting will take place online only from January 7 - 20th, 2022 with the voting results to be announced at our Annual Meeting and Membership Appreciation Event on Friday, Jan 21, 2022. 

Nominations are being solicited for the following Chair Positions (You can nominate yourself): 

3000 Club Chair and Co-Chair: Coordinates support of pre-licensed members. For example, hosting regularly scheduled meetings, and/or social mixers supporting pre-licensed members, and providing programming specific to the needs of pre-licensed members in their journey towards licensure.

Social Media Communications Chair: Coordinates advertising of SGVCAMFT events, programs, SIGs, and issues concerning SGVCAMFT members on Social Media platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Promotes and monitors SM chat rooms on topics important to SGVCAMFT members. Provides feedback to the Board about SM chat room content. 

SIG Program Chair and Co-Chair: Oversees and coordinates planning of infrastructure for SGVCAMFT’s new Special Interest Group Program. Promotes awareness of SIG leadership opportunities, solicits SIG facilitator volunteers, aides and supports new SIG facilitators and participants in forming and maintaining SIGs. Acts as liaison between SIG facilitators and SGVCAMFT Board regarding SIG Program progress, issues, and concerns. 

If you would like to Nominate yourself for any one of these Chair positions, please email Jessica Ruiz at with a brief bio of yourself and a few sentences describing why you are interested in serving on the Board, a current headshot, and your contact info. Nominations are due by 8 pm Dec 19, 2021.

Nominations are also open for Volunteers-at-Large:

Volunteers-at-Large lend support in many different areas. For example:

Membership Outreach
Programs Sponsorship Outreach

If you would like to Nominate yourself to be a Volunteer-at-Large, please email Jessica Ruiz at with a brief bio of yourself and a few sentences describing why you would like to serve as a volunteer on the board, a current headshot, and your contact info. Nominations are due by 8 pm Dec 19, 2021.

If you have questions about volunteering on our Chapter’s board in any capacity large or small, please contact Kathryn Bikle at We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Putting out a call for Mentors!

Have you been secretly longing to share your professional wisdom with a less experienced colleague? Here’s your opportunity! SGVCAMFT Mentor-Mentee Chair Jessica Ruiz is currently seeking additional Mentors for our popular Mentor-Mentee program. Being a Mentor does not take a huge amount of time, just a willingness to share your expertise and offer support to a Mentee for an hour a month, or whatever feels right to you! Requested areas of expertise include: Supporting a Shift to Private Practice, Developing your Treatment Modality, Exam Prep Support, TeleHealth Technology Support, and Your Expertise Here! Contact Jessica if you would like to become a SGVCAMFT Mentor or are interested in the Mentor-Mentee program: or Information about our Mentor-Mentee program can be found on our website at  

SGV CAMFT’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Program Planning is actively looking for Participants and Facilitators to help launch this program! 

SGV-CAMFT is forming a Special Interest Group Program for professionals to come together around topics and interests related to our field. A Special Interest Group (SIG) is an opportunity to make connections, dig deeper into specialty areas, and form relationships around common interests. We are currently looking for participants and facilitators to help us launch this program! 

Do you have a passion for working with couples, trauma, or a specific diagnosis, and would like to share that with your colleagues? 

Do you work with a specific population and could use some support? 

Would you enjoy co-hosting educational or social programs for Marriage and Family Therapists? 

We are open to your ideas for SIGs. What group would you like to see form? What group could you imagine being a part of? Check our website for details on how to apply to become a facilitator:  Contact Natasha Morisawa for more information at or 


Here are some exciting programs and events coming up! SAVE the dates! Register on our website at

Sunday, January 9th, 7–8:30 pm join our monthly Book Club meeting! Attendance is free but you need to make a reservation in order to attend this online Zoom event. The reading we will be discussing on alternative therapies for working with grief can be found at: See the Home page of our website at to Register. Email Natasha at for more information.

Friday, January 21, 2022 (Time and details to be announced) Membership Appreciation Event and Annual Meeting. Let us show you how much we appreciate YOU! Join us for special activities, games, entertainment, and a raffle, all with the intent of pampering our members! Newly elected Board Members will be announced.

Friday, February 18, 2022 Noon – 1:30 pm “Exploring the Use of Psychedelics in Therapy,” Amy Jordan, LMFT. Online presentation. 1.5 Ce’s offered.

SGV-CAMFT Open Roundtable discussion. Online. February date and details to be announced. Do you have an interest in brainstorming, exploring, and discussing how SGV-CAMFT can better serve you? Ideas for activities, programs, or member support? How we can better address issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Look for details announcing this stimulating online Roundtable discussion to be scheduled in February! Facilitated by Susan, Lowe, LMFT. Free. Registration will be necessary in order to receive Zoom link. Questions? Suggestions? Email Kathryn Bikle at 

If you have any questions, or are interested in speaking at a future event, please send an email to Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT at

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