Rebirth and Resurrection

Tue, April 05, 2016 10:44 AM | Deleted user

President's Message by Steven Keightley, LMFT

Dear Chapter Members, Regional CAMFT Members and other allied professionals,

I cast my salutation widely because this newsletter is sent to 1,500 regional CAMFT members and 230 Chapter members. That's a 15.3% chapter participation rate, just a tick better than the state-wide average of 14% of us in chapters. Thus 86% of us state-wide members only belong to CAMFT, versus also being a member of the  local chapter. (Yet when we send these newsletters out, they sometimes get opened by as many as 500 people, so there's a set of peers out there who are "listening", so a thank you to them for paying attention to our chapter affairs)!

I am surprised to see that it has been since September 2015 that we have published a SGV Chapter Newsletter! I knew it had been a while, as I am effectively Editor in Chief. Your SGV Chapter has been having a busy 2016 so far, starting with a Member Social in January, and a Board Election on February 27. Via both an online and in-person vote, 21% of us elected a new Board of Directors for 2016. We had an engaging psycho-pharmacology presentation that same day. We had a successful 3000 Club social, and recently Gerry Grossman spoke to nearly 50 Pre-Licensed members about the changes to the licensing exams. Our Law & Ethics Presentation with David Jensen, CAMFT Attorney is coming at the end of the week. (There is still time to register!)

From January to now I have been preoccupied with a family stage-of-life issue, and as of a few days ago the loss of two cats in two months. The stage-of-life element of my distraction has getting to know Interstate 5 much better. I've almost been too self-involved to see the amazing board we now have and the brighter future our Chapter faces!

Speaking of recognition, one of my trips north was a two-fer. I got to visit an old colleague from my MFT Intern days (also a past board member of a different chapter) and attend the Chapter Leadership Conference in San Mateo, California (north of San Jose, east of Palo Alto). There I was one of 14 recipients of an Outstanding Chapter Leadership Award, plus I got to pick up some best practices and generally great ideas on how to better run a chapter.

We now have even more peers on our board, and a few additional committees. We're intending to jump-start the newsletter and get it back to its former "bi-monthly level of functioning". Thank you for your patience and support!

Presidentially yours,

Steve Keightley, LMFT

San Gabriel Valley CAMFT
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