Leaving the Party Early

Wed, August 31, 2016 10:57 PM | Deleted user

Dear San Gabriel Valley Therapists,

Apparently a popular thing for "Millennials" to do now is "ghost" from parties, or relationships: leaving without saying goodbye or thanking the host verbally in any way. The bloggers who justify it come across as huge narcissists! Their reasons are an affront to us therapists. See http://www.bustle.com/articles/102070-6-times-its-totally-ok-to-ghost-because-sometimes-its-the-best-way-to-end-things

It is not my intention to ghost in our SGV off-month of August, hence this letter. Extending the metaphor of a party to "chapter activities" generally, and the Chapter Board as a select group of guests, then the board knows what you do not, that I am "leaving the party" early, and moving back to the SF Bay Area at the end of August! Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President (2015-16), Co-President (2014) and Committee member (2013).

The literal and metaphorical crucible of the San Gabriel Valley (I won't miss this heat!) has been a personal and professional proving ground. My volunteerism helped our chapter, but as for many of us, my private practice never quite picked up steam. I did get on three panels, and I enjoyed seeing the clients I had, but marketing to a niche in this saturated market proved tough. I was honored to receive an "Outstanding Chapter Leader" award in February 2016 at the CAMFT Chapter Leadership Conference, and I believe I leave this chapter stronger than when I arrived in 2013.

Broadly speaking, the "stage of life" issue, aging parents, is taking me back home. I grew up in Berkeley, but I've been managing various medical crises Since January, moved my parents into assisted living in April, and with help, cleared out their home of 46 years in preparation for its sale. All great stage of life transitions with their lessons! As you've no doubt noticed, I have been at almost none of our Chapter meetings in 2016, and they've been capably run by Natasha Morisawa, Rudy Hayek, Casey Meinster, Rachel Ward and other capable board volunteers.

Their excellent stewardship will continue for the remainder of 2016 and beyond. I hope you'll fill the vacuum I leave with your own participation and the effort to make the SGV great again!


Steve Keightley, LMFT

San Gabriel Valley CAMFT
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