January Has Come in September

Wed, August 31, 2016 11:05 PM | Deleted user

According to the Gregorian calendar, January is the beginning of our new year. Preparations from the end of one year to the next are often times of reflection and renewal. For your SGV-CAMFT Board, January has come in September this year.

Steve, as you make your transition to your new adventures up north, on behalf of the board and the members we serve, we wish you and your family wellness and thanks for the last few years of service to our profession!

Having served on the Programs Committee for the last couple of years, I have gained a deeper appreciation for our members and the jobs they choose to do. I've met many of you who continue to work under challenging conditions, with people who suffer greatly, and still strive to learn, grow and gain new tools to do the work we do. This is the inspiration that I take with me into this new position as your Board President.

Thank you to the Board for all of the work you're doing to bring relevant programing and support to our members. As we enter our 4th quarter of the year, we're looking ahead to what our 2017 year will look like. Our annual survey will be an opportunity for members to voice their interests and provide us with feedback on what we're getting right and how we might improve our services to you. You may also reach me directly at SGVCAMFTPresident@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing your ideas and what inspires you to do what you do.

Natasha Morisawa, MFT

San Gabriel Valley CAMFT
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